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Q: Where did I found the original picture?
A: For Credits please look here

Q: You want to know how I created an effect?
A: Please leave a comment, where you tell me the name of the icon/wallpaper/signature. I'll contact you.

Q: You found a picture of you what was used but you don't find you in the credits area?
A: Please leave a comment, which picture is it. I'll add you to the credits.

Q: You want to become an affiliate?
A: Leave a comment. I'll contact you.

Q: Do I need to fulfil some conditions to become an affiliate?
A: It's just that your site has to be active. I don't need 'dead affiliates'. And I don't like copied sites. I really met some sites where all the content were stolen from other sites. It has to be YOUR OWN work or with proper credits.

Q: I've a question that isn't answered here, what should I do?
A: You can contact me here: support[at] or through the comment system in the news area. I'll answer your question(s) and add them to the FAQ.